In the greater Lisbon area, another Hanami Sushi store opened, this time in the UBBO Shopping Center.

Shiso Burger, a new concept of fusion burger that has its space in the center of Lisbon, located at Rua Pedro Nunes number 23.


The city of Porto got to know the tenth and the eleventh Hanami Sushi stores.

The chosen location are MarShopping from Matosinhos and Arrábidashopping from Vila Nova de Gaia.


The expansion continues and Forum Sintra is the next location for the 7th store. That year, Hanami Sushi heads to Algarve to open two more spaces: the 8th store at Forum Algave, in Faro, and the 9th store at Mar Shopping, em Loulé.


Back to the south, the 5th store crosses the Tejo river and settles in Almada Forum.
The city of Leiria witnesses, that year, the opening of the 6th Hanami Sushi store, at Leiria Shopping.


Braga Parque was the destination for the opening of the 3rd store. That year, the student city met 4th Hanami Sushi store, located in Forum Coimbra.


With the success of the Lisbon store, the opening of the second Hanami Sushi space in the Alegro Shopping Center, in Alfragide, showed the way to expand our business beyond the capital city.


The history of the WonderFood began with the opening of the first Hanami Sushi store at Tivoli Forum, right in the heart of Lisbon.